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Introductory Sessions on Sessions on every saturday and sunday.

What we’re about

Learn to succeed in Financial Market with innovative study & application of Fx Careers Institute.

Starting is always scary, but you don’t have to be scared: Our offline and online training sessions provide you with a competitive advantage that helps you take the first step and master the art of learning in trading.

Taking the right decision at right time is most critical in trading. FX careers assist you in making the right choice at the right time, reducing any risk involved with trading, and maximizing benefits.

The course covers a variety of topics, including advanced trading strategies, price action trading, and technical analysis. After finishing the course, you will be able to trade on your own with confidence.

Join our upcoming session and Discover the Roadmap
to YOUR TRADING SUCCESS in Stock, Options,
Forex and Commodity Markets

We Provide Pure Training Not False Promises

Key Highlights of the Session

  • Stock and Forex Market Outlook
  • Fundamentals of Market Movements
  • How International Market Operates
  • How International Market Differs from Domestic Market
  • What is Technical Analysis and how does it work
  • Significance of Technical Analysis
  • How Advance Analysis can provide that Extra Edge to your trading
  • Opportunities in International Markets
Why Join FX Careers

Why you Should Join Education Courses

If you dream of making a consistent income from the financial markets and are looking for resources to understand the building blocks, trading strategy and risk management techniques and tools. We deliver the concept in a very simplified manner so that it is easy to understand, comprehend and apply.

Who should attend?

  • If you are a beginner in trading.
  • Want to learn and develop own trading rules and set up.
  • Want to learn effective risk management and money management strategy.
  • Advance trading concepts to enhance you’re trading skills.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Any individual who wants to learn and enhance their investment and trading skills. This is a preview of our upcoming courses to all those who want to earn from the financial markets.

Any individual who wants to learn and enhance their investment and trading skills. This is a preview of our upcoming courses to all those who want to earn from the financial markets.

There is no cost to attend the session.

No. This is a demo session. You can enrol for our courses to get the recording or study material.

No. Any graduate can attend the session.

No. This is our demo session. However, later on you can enrol in our courses for recorded or online.

This is a must session to attend if you want to make your career, full time trading or passive income from the financial world. We will explain the building blocks and in-depth knowledge of stock market.

If you aspire to be a profitable trader and want to trade with confidence and accuracy then you should attend the workshop.

You can enrol on our website or contact through email or whatsapp.

Yes. You can definitely join the course. The content are designed and delivered in such a manner that you can understand it. We start with the primitive financial terms and concepts.

Yes. After the completion of the session we advise you to enrol for our financial courses to make your trading journey into a profitable journey.

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