Foundation Module for Financial Markets

Course Description

The "Financial Market Course" foundation module offers a comprehensive introduction to financial markets, covering essential topics such as exchanges, demat accounts, and brokerage options. Learn the distinctions between trading and investing, explore market capitalization and indices, and understand market pricing mechanisms. Delve into derivatives, futures, options, and their respective strategies, as well as various order types. Gain insights into managing risk with stop loss, targets, and risk-reward ratios, while mastering technical analysis tools such as Tradingview. Navigate currency trading with bid-ask dynamics, pips, lot sizes, and leverage, while exploring currency markets and pair classifications. Discover practical demat account operations, including trading across different asset classes and building watchlists for efficient portfolio monitoring. This module provides the foundational knowledge necessary for navigating and understanding financial markets effectively. Expand your expertise and confidently engage in the world of finance.

  • Understanding Exchanges and their Role in Financial Markets
  • Navigating the World of Demat Accounts and Brokerage Options
  • Exploring Short Selling: Strategies and Implications
  • Trading vs. Investing: Distinguishing Between Short-Term and Long-Term Strategies
  • Deciphering Market Capitalization and Its Significance in Stock Valuation
  • Delving into Indices: A Comprehensive Overview and Classification

  • Unveiling the Financial Market: An Introduction and Overview
  • Dissecting Financial Market Segments: Identifying Opportunities and Risks
  • Timing Matters: Operating Hours Across Financial Market Segments
  • Decoding Market Pricing Mechanisms: Factors Influencing Price Determination
  • Bubble Dynamics: Tracing the History and Impact of Market Bubbles
  • Navigating Market Phases and Business Cycles: Strategies for Every Stage
  • Introduction to Derivatives: An Overview of Products and Their Types
  • Understanding Futures: Features, Applications, and Risks
  • Lot Size Demystified: Grasping the Basics of Contract Sizes
  • Unraveling the Concept of Underlying Assets in Derivatives Trading

  • Demystifying Options: Types, Strategies, and Applications
  • Timing the Market: Knowing When to Buy or Sell Options
  • Deciphering Strike Prices: Understanding Their Significance in Options Trading
  • Mastering Premiums and Last Traded Prices (LTP) in Options Trading
  • Exploring the Roles of Option Buyers and Sellers in the Market
  • Introduction to Option Chains: Navigating Complex Option Strategies
  • Understanding Moneyness: Assessing the Intrinsic Value of Options
  • Exploring Various Order Types and Their Psychological Implications

  • Delving into Rates: Market Rates, Limit Rates, and Their Implications
  • Leveraging Leverage: Understanding Its Role and Risks
  • Grasping the Concept of Margin and Its Impact on Trading
  • Analyzing Price Components: Factors Influencing Market Prices
  • Managing Risk: Understanding Stop Loss, Targets, and Risk-Reward Ratios
  • Exploring Advanced Order Types: Bracket Orders and Cover Orders
  • Practical Demat Account Operations: From Logging In to Executing Trades
  • Building Watchlists: Strategies for Efficient Portfolio Monitoring
  • Hands-On Trading: Buying, Selling, and Short Selling Across Different Asset Classes
  • Predicting Price Movements: Technical, Fundamental, and Data Analysis Techniques
  • Introduction to Technical Analysis Tools: Leveraging Tradingview for Market Insights

  • Deciphering Currency Trading: Bid-Ask Dynamics, Spreads, and Currency Symbols
  • Understanding Pips, Lot Sizes, and Leverage in Forex Trading
  • Calculating Profits and Losses in Currency Trading: Strategies and Formulas
  • Navigating Currency Markets: Futures, Spot, and Forward Markets
  • Exploring Currency Pair Classifications: Major, Minor, and Exotic Pairs
  • Importance of Liquidity in Currency Trading: Strategies for Efficient Execution
  • Exploring Currency Market Interactions with Commodities, Bonds, and Interest Rates
  • Navigating Forex Platforms: Introduction to MT4 and MT5 Trading Environments
  • Wrapping Up: Key Takeaways and Concluding Remarks on Financial Markets.

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    1 week

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