Technical Analysis Mastery Programme

The “Technical Analysis Mastery Program" provides in-depth knowledge and hands-on practice in technical analysis. Learn tools and techniques for market analysis, including understanding bullish and bearish perspectives, navigating the TradingView platform, and exploring price components. Master charting techniques such as area, bar, and candlestick charts, and identify market trends and reversal patterns. Dive into support and resistance levels, chart patterns, and key technical indicators such as RSI, SMA, EMA, and MACD. Gain insight into trader psychology and learn strategies for comprehensive market analysis and prediction. Enhance your market analysis with this comprehensive technical analysis course.

  • Understanding Technical Analysis: Tools and Techniques for Market Analysis
  • Deciphering Bullish and Bearish Perspectives: Reading Market Sentiment
  • Navigating the Trading View Platform: Hands-On Practice and Application
  • Grasping the Concept of Price: Exploring Open, High, Low, and Close Components
  • Exploring Charting Techniques: Introduction to Area, Bar, and Candlestick Charts
  • Identifying Market Trends: Analyzing Uptrends, Downtrends, and Sideways Movements

  • Exploring Technical Analysis Methods: Support and Resistance, Candlestick and Chart Patterns, Demand and Supply Zones
  • Understanding Reversal and Continuation Patterns: Identifying Shifts and Momentum in Market Trends
  • Delving into Trader Psychology: Developing the Mindset for Reversal and Continuation Trading
  • Introduction to Reversal Candlestick Patterns: One, Two, Three Candlestick Formations
  • Analyzing Individual Candlestick Patterns: Hammer and Hanging Man Formations

  • Exploring Candlestick Patterns: Inverted Hammer, Shooting Star, and Doji
  • Understanding Single Candlestick Patterns: Inverted Hammer and Shooting Star
  • Analyzing Doji Candlestick Patterns: Indicators of Market Indecision
  • Delving into Two-Candlestick Patterns: Bullish Engulfing and Its Significance

  • Identifying Two-Candlestick Patterns: Bearish Engulfing and Its Reversal Signal
  • Exploring Bullish Harami: A Two-Candlestick Pattern Signaling Potential Reversal
  • Understanding Bearish Harami: Recognizing Two-Candlestick Patterns for Potential Market Downturns
  • Analyzing the Piercing Pattern: A Two-Candlestick Formation Indicating Potential Bullish Reversal

  • Exploring Two-Candlestick Patterns: Dark Cloud Cover and Its Bearish Reversal Signal
  • Understanding Three-Candlestick Patterns: Morning Star and Its Bullish Reversal Signal
  • Analyzing the Evening Star: A Three-Candlestick Pattern Signaling Potential Market Reversal
  • Introduction to Indicator-Based Candlestick Pattern Identification: Enhancing Technical Analysis Techniques
  • Delving into Trader Psychology: Understanding Market Sentiment and Behavior Behind Candlestick Patterns
  • Combining Candlestick Patterns with Support and Resistance and Other Indicators: Strategies for Comprehensive Market Analysis

  • Understanding Support and Resistance Levels: Key Concepts in Technical Analysis
  • Exploring Breakouts and Breakdowns: Recognizing Market Trends and Reversals
  • Techniques for Drawing Support Levels: Practical Approaches and Methods
  • Hands-On Practice: Marking Support Levels Across Different Market Segments for Practical Application

  • Techniques for Drawing Resistance Levels: Practical Strategies for Technical Analysts
  • Hands-On Practice: Marking Resistance Levels Across Various Market Segments
  • Introduction to the Principle of Polarity: Understanding Its Role in Support and Resistance
  • Exploring the Importance of Candlestick Patterns in Polarity: Utilizing Candlestick Signals for Enhanced Analysis and Confirmation of Support and Resistance Levels

  • Understanding Chart Patterns: Recognizing Trends and Predicting Market Movements
  • Examples of Reversal and Continuation Chart Patterns: Identifying Key Signals in Technical Analysis
  • Analyzing Reversal Chart Patterns: a. Double Top: Recognizing Potential Market Reversals in Technical Analysis b. Double Bottom: Identifying Trend Reversals through Price Action Signals c. Head and Shoulders Pattern: Interpreting Bearish Reversal Patterns in Market Trends d. Inverted Head and Shoulders Pattern: Spotting Bullish Reversal Signals in Price Action

  • Exploring Continuation Patterns: Understanding Flag and Pole Patterns
  • Identifying Bearish Continuation Patterns: Analyzing Bearish Flag and Pole Formations
  • Recognizing Continuation Patterns: Cup and Handle Formation for Bullish Trends
  • Analyzing Inverted Cup and Handle Patterns: Identifying Potential Reversal Signals in Market Trends

  • Exploring the Relative Strength Index (RSI): Utilizing Momentum Indicator for Market Analysis
  • Grasping the Concept of Simple Moving Average (SMA): Analyzing Average Price Trends Over Time
  • Understanding Exponential Moving Average (EMA): Assessing Weighted Average Price Trends for Enhanced Analysis
  • Exploring Pivot Points: Identifying Key Support and Resistance Levels for Trading Strategies
  • Introduction to Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD): Analyzing Trend Strength and Potential Reversals in Market Trends
  • Introduction to Technical Indicators: Understanding Leading, Lagging, and Oscillator Indicators

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Course includes:
  • Duration

    2 week

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  • Language

    Hindi / English

  • Certificate