Mr. Ruchit Thakur

Trainer & Analyst

Ruchit Thakur is a specialist in both the Indian Market and in the Currency Segment with over 9 Years of experience. He is post graduate in Financial Markets and specialized in Wealth Management, His academic background and Experience provides a wide range of instruments. 

Ruchit's vast experience is in instruments like Bank Nifty, Nifty and in the currency segment with all #INR pairs; His command in reading price action and in analyzing market trends is just flawless. 

Ruchit's Expertise is in Forex Research and always look for new opportunities in market with the help of various confirmation through price. His key expertise is in Relative Strength Index with the collaboration of price action makes him unbeatable in the Financial Market. His solid academic background, passion and foundation differentiates from others.

He has also worked with various organizations and has a dynamic approach to manage Money with multiple years of experience.