Sandesh Nandode

Director / Chief Mentor

Sandesh Nandode is a highly accomplished professional with an MBA in Finance and Marketing. He is a SEBI Registered Research Analyst with over two decades of experience in stocks, commodities, financial education, and geopolitical research. Throughout his career, Mr. Nandode has been recognized for his exceptional analytical skills and his ability to simplify even the most challenging concepts of trading. He has a deep understanding of market dynamics and is known for his expertise in technical analysis, fundamental analysis, and value investing.

Mr. Nandode has experience working with various technical analysis software such as Spider, Falcon, Amy Broker, MT4, and MT5. He also has extensive knowledge and experience in fund management. He has worked closely with private equity firms, venture capitalists, hedge funds, and investment banks.
As a Stock Market Analyst, Crypto-currency and Forex Analyst, Fund Manager, Trader, Trainer, and Mentor, Mr. Nandode has gained an in-depth understanding of the complexities of the financial markets. He is a highly skilled and experienced trainer in the field of currency trading and has conducted 400+ Seminars, helping over 5600 traders benefit from his training program covering various areas of trading, including stock market investing, forex trading, and cryptocurrencies.
Mr. Nandode is a true mentor and has helped numerous individuals and organizations achieve success in the highly competitive world of forex trading. In addition to his extensive experience in the financial industry, Mr. Nandode currently serves as a Mentor and Trainer with ‘FX careers”. In this role, he is responsible for providing expert guidance and training to both novice and experienced traders. His expertise has helped many traders make profitable decisions, and he is a highly sought-after trainer and mentor in the industry.
As a Mentor and Trainer with ‘FX careers”, Mr. Nandode has helped several traders achieve success in the foreign exchange market. He is passionate about teaching and mentoring others on the intricacies of trading and has a unique ability to simplify complex concepts, making them accessible to everyone.
Mr. Nandode’s training programs have been well-received, and he has received numerous accolades for his work. He has helped traders from all walks of life, including individuals, financial institutions, and corporations, achieve their financial goals. His dedication and commitment to his students have made him one of the most respected and sought-after trainers in the industry.