Rekha Chauhan

Director / Chief Mentor

Rekha Chauhan is a seasoned financial professional with over 10 years of experience in the capital markets. Throughout her career, she has gained extensive experience working with domestic and foreign clients, both on the buy side and sell side of the market. Her area of expertise lies in research and analysis, and she has a particular interest in the currency market. With her profound understanding of macroeconomic patterns and technical analysis. Rekha is passionate about helping prospective traders achieve success in the dynamic and exciting world of trading. She is a skilled writer and has written numerous research articles on overcoming financial obstacles.

During her career, Rekha has worked with traders of all levels of experience, from novices to seasoned professionals, and has assisted them in developing the skills and strategies needed to succeed in the market. Recently, she joined FX Careers, a well-known educational platform, as a seasoned mentor to help aspiring traders. As a facilitator of forex training, Rekha brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her work. Her years of trading in the forex market have equipped her with the skills necessary to identify market patterns and create winning trading plans. Rekha is committed to imparting her knowledge and helping traders of all levels of experience achieve their financial goals through forex trading.

Rekha’s dedication to her work and her ability to provide valuable insights to traders make her an invaluable asset to the forex academy and the traders she collaborates with. With her extensive experience and expertise in the market, Rekha is sure to help traders achieve success in the exciting and constantly evolving world of forex trading.