Online Mastering Currency Market VIP


“Helping you get to know yourself as a Trader.” 

Are you a scalper or an intraday trader! 

Don’t know yet!.. Don’t worry we will help you! 

Each of us is unique in our preferences and choices in our life’s. We are connected at a fundamental level. However, we differ in our day-to-day life decisions, planning and execution. We understand this unique yet universal aspect of human nature. To succeed in trading, we must work in accordance with our natural inclinations and abilities. The MCM VIP Program curates this human tendency, FXCareers flagship program. Here, we analyze the learner based on their individual preferences and trading style. After assessment, we design the best trading program for you.

We are thrilled to start this amazing trading journey with you with our cutting-edge currency market learning program that addresses the need for a personalized and easy way to do trading. 

A Customized Approach 

The goal is to model a successful trader and then to use the information to create your own approach. We will help you develop your own trading plan and you will be fully competent in implementing it consistently in the market. 

Every trader is unique, so there’s no one-size-fits-all trading strategy. But there is a right way to do things that every trader needs to follow. This program will help you recognize some of these things and help you decide what kind of trader you’re going to be and what areas you’ll be focusing on.  <

This is not just a learning program but a discovery of you as a trader.  

Here is how the program is delivered: 

Program Content

  • Personality Test.
  • Psychological Test
  • Market Experience Test.
  • Behavior test for Personal Financial Assets.
  • Gathering information for your target return of your trading business.
  • Suggesting you the trading method which suit your personality.
  • Risk assessment according to your psychological barrier.
  • Display of plan to achieve what you want from yourself in trading.
  • Rules for your trading action according to your specific trading setup.
  • Preparation before entering every time in the trading rooms.
  • Detail Discussion about your Risk Management Strategy.
  • Detail Discussion about the Probability Curve and its output. (Game Theory).
  • On demand trading setup/ Recommended trading setup constructions.
  • Trading setup complete training by mentor.
  • Constructing required infrastructure for your trading style and trading setup.
  • How to control your emotional burden in the face of adversity?
  • How to handle your greediness while you are getting success in your trading?
  • List of the time when not to take action.
  • How to improvise your trading skill every time with the help of the trading journal.
  • Drafting an informative trading journal.
  • Live session of your trading strategy.
  • How to handle your emotion like a pro trader.
  • What should be the proper attitude of a successful trader.