Online Basic Program


Join our Basic Program to dive into the fascinating world of Financial Markets. You'll learn the basics of currency trading, gaining a solid understanding of how investments work.

Financial markets are important for any country's economy, aiding entrepreneurs in getting funds and allowing companies to grow. This growth leads to more jobs and a better life for everyone. That's why investing or trading in financial markets matters. It helps build wealth, support families, and plan for retirement.

Why enroll in this Program?

If you're new to Financial Markets or a beginner trader struggling to make consistent profits, this Basic Program is for you. Welcome to the exciting world of currency trading!

Here is how the program is delivered: 

Program Content

  • How financial market works and its instrument
  • How to beat inflation with trading and investment
  • Understanding of Spot and Derivative market
  • How to pick best asset class to trade (Stocks, Commodities, and Currency & Crypto)
  • Understanding of Foreign Exchange Market (Currency Market)
  • Exposure to International and domestic Currency Market
  • What is a currency pair, bid-ask, spread, symbols of currencies
  • Concept of pip, lot size, and leverage
  • How profit is calculated in currency trading
  • Concept of Risk-Reward and Stop loss
  • What is technical analysis and types of technical analysis
  • Introduction to Candlestick
  • How to find entry/ exit with the candlesticks
  • How to apply stop loss on trades.
  • Top technical indicators
  • Top technical charts
  • What is Currency Future, spot and forward market
  • Currency co-relation with Commodity, Bonds and Interest rate markets
  • Directional trade strategy
  • Range bound market strategy
  • How a candlesticks form?
  • Information Interpretation of the candlesticks
  • How to use the Significance of large time frame candlesticks for major profit, less stressful and highly probable signals.
  • How to identify good broker platform
  • Software training for IRIS Spider/ Falcon(NSE/ BSE/ MCX)
  • International trade MT5 , MT4
  • Bullish Reversal Candlesticks
  • Bearish Reversal Candlesticks
  • Continuation Pattern Candlesticks
  • Practical application of all concepts