MCM International Fast Track


This Fast Track Course covers everything you need to know to trade forex, from the basics to advanced strategies. Through interactive lectures, simulations, and hands-on experience. This course is designed to help traders of all levels achieve success in the Forex market.

What you'll learn in this course?

Ready to take your Forex trading to the next level? Enrol in this Fast Track Course today and master the fundamentals and advanced strategies of Forex trading.

Program Content

  • What is Forex Trading?
  • Advantage of forex market over all the other Financial Markets in the world
  • Concept of the returns
  • Importance of the leverage in trading
  • Difference between the Forex markets and other financial markets, Where retail Trader can make his fortune
  • Why analysis works best in Forex Market as compare to other financial markets of the world
  • Forex Markets and its importance for the retail trader
  • Participant of the forex markets
  • How it is best for the retail trader to make their future in forex markets
  • Importance of the trading software in transforming the careers of a successful traders
  • Proper training of Mt4/5 software. How professional use its tools and indicators etc
  • How to magnifying your returns in Forex Markets with the help of Leverage
  • Placing of multiple Time Frame charts for the single Currency under single Profile
  • How to build your technical tools template to use for your all Charts
  • How to install and run any indicators which is being downloaded outside from the software but formation language must be meta quote
  • How can manage the multiple account under a single platform without putting the master password every time
  • How the use the news for the benefit of your trading. The best platform providing the news and its analysis method and last time response on your selected currency
  • Complete go through of Mt5 CRM and its features to serve you
  • Comparison between the Mt5 and Mt4 portal
  • Detail explanation for the Analysis and Learning Portal given by mt5 portal for improving your trading
  • Method of generating the query through your web portal or by your mail id to the company portal
  • What is the meaning of Margin and Margin Percentage
  • What is the meaning of Stop out level and how it works in live market
  • Detailed discussion about the order type and its execution methods
  • Limit Order. (Executions Method)
  • Market Order. (Executions Method)
  • Stop Loss Order. (Executions Method)
  • Target Order. (Executions Method)
  • Buy Stop Order. (Executions Method)
  • Sell Stop Order. (Executions Method)
  • What is the meaning of slippage and how it is being generated in the market and can any broker or anyone control this.
  • Basic Technical Analysis
  • How Technical analysis method work better in forex market compare to all other financial markets of the world.
  • Dow theory.
  • Trendline Formation and its relevance.
  • Indicators ( RSI, MACD,MA,B.B)
  • Pattern Formation ( H&S, Flag, Wedge, Double top/bottom), trading Strategy for the Practical trading in Markets.
  • One tested trading strategy which work better in markets for the trader.
  • How to manage your Risk.
  • Position building method under trending method whether Pullback trading/ Trending Trading.
  • Discussion of Risk/Reward.
  • Discussion about Probability Curve.
  • Final Calculation of your Output on different-2 probability curve.