Advanced Program


Improve your trading skills to a professional level with the FXCareers Online Advance Program designed for experienced traders. This program goes deeper into advanced techniques that help you become an expert in spotting and analyzing technical cues. This program focuses on complex techniques that makes you an advance trader. 

Gain expertise in technical indicators like momentum, candlestick patterns, gap analysis, and moving averages. Discover effective methods for identifying intraday patterns and master the art of balancing risk appetite, risk aversion, and timing to establish precise entry and exit parameters.

Engage in insightful discussions with a panel of expert faculty members with a combined experience of over 10 years in the field.

Why enrol in this Program?

This program is specifically designed for experienced traders. In this program, traders get a deeper understanding of the markets and integration of advance analysis with existing trading strategies.

Perfect for traders interested in day-trading, swing-trading, or investing in the stock market, seeking to acquire the essential techniques and strategies required for successful trading.

Here is how the program is delivered: 

Program Content

  • Concept of Short-term trading (Scalping / momentum trading /Day trading)
  • Concept of Medium-term trading (Swing trading).
  • Well tested & High Probability Intraday Trading System
  • A trading method which covers all Market movement with a Discipline and high probability trading setup
  • Practical application + test
  • Risk-Reward-Game Play
  • Review + Recap
  • Trading Journal to keep records of your actions
  • How to conduct the trading record review system?
  • How to improve and sharpen your trading skills with the help of review plan?
  • Doubt Session
  • Live Trading Sessions