LUX Industries Limited
  • 09 July, 2024 Ruchit Thakur

LUX Industries Limited

LUX Industries Limited appears to be a great long-term investment, since the stock has reached an all-time high and continues to rise.

Please examine the LUX Industries Limited daily chart and comprehend its structure. LUX Industries Limited, as indicated on the chart, is a solid buy in the 1620-1640 range, and it has done admirably thus far, with significant upside potential.

Please refer to the LUX Industries Limited daily chart. Following its breakout from the 1620-1640 zone, the stock is now trading above horizontal resistance and continuing to advance. As shown in the chart, LUX Industries Limited is currently in high demand, with a price of 1620. The expected growth period runs from 1950 to 2000, as shown in the chart below. 

  • LUX Industries Limited is an outstanding long-term investment possibility because it had a reasonable breakout around 1620-1640 and is currently growing.
  • LUX Industries Limited appears to be in a strong position on the chart, with potential for further gains to 1950 and 2000.
  • As of now, 1620-1640 is the optimum time to buy this stock since the risk-reward ratio is optimal for a cash transaction.
  • The chart shows that the stock has broken out of an ascending triangle pattern, with a target range of 1950-2000.


Please see the LUX Industries Limited daily chart for reference. The daily chart shows horizontal resistance, a breakout, and demand in the 1620-1640 zone, with the stock rising in response to the high demand in that area.

Please take note of the horizontal resistance and its breach, which resulted in the stock reaching a new all-time high today, signaling an excellent buying opportunity at the current price. So far, the stock has followed the chart's rising trend, reaching its target levels of 1950 and 2000.

LUX Industries Limited evolved from the rising triangle, with the pattern's most recent aims spanning 1950 to 2000. The ascending triangle is a chart pattern used in technical analysis. Price movements result in a horizontal line at the swing high and a rising trend line at the swing low. The two lines make a triangle.

Investors may look for a long-term buy opportunity around the 1620-1640 range and take advantage of any dips that occur as the stock is in high demand, perhaps leading to a recovery to the 1950 and 2000 levels, suggesting a positive risk-reward ratio. Use every dip to buy this stock since it has a strong upside potential, and every dip is an opportunity to invest.

Investors may buy the stock with cash over time, setting a stop loss at 1510 and aiming for price goals between 1950 and 2000.

As a trader or investor, I typically watch for a Volatility Contraction Pattern (VCP), which occurs when price volatility decreases prior to a major gain, allowing the stock or instrument to attain tremendous volume and upside with a rapid increase and target met. For further information on VCP patterns, please visit our website and download the application. We also demonstrate how to recognize such patterns with high accuracy.

LUX Industries Limited's daily chart shows both support and resistance. The spot chart illustrates each level. 


LUX Industries Limited



Level 1



Level 2 




Company Profile: The late Girdharilalji Todi established Lux Industries as the Biswanath Hosiery Mills in 1957. Girdharilalji's sons took over operations in 1964. The company grew 100 times its size over the next 20 years thanks to a series of marketing and manufacturing improvements. This includes establishing the Consumer Coupon Scheme in 1992 (Mazedar Mauka). 

The same year, Lux became the first company in the industry to hire celebrity brand ambassadors. Lux debuted their first television commercial in 1992, including the well-known tagline "yeh andar ki baat hai." The following year, the company began export operations and swiftly acquired a strong international presence, with offices in the Middle East, Europe, and Africa.


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