GOLD Analysis
  • 19 June, 2024 Rajesh Tatineni

GOLD Analysis

Afternoon: Gold Holds Steady at $2,330/oz Amid Weaker Retail Sales and Anticipated Fed Rate Cuts


  • Gold stable at $2,330/oz due to weaker US retail sales and expected Fed rate cuts.
  • Retail sales up 0.1% in May, signaling softening consumer sentiment.
  • Investors watch unemployment claims, PMIs, and central bank gold reserve plans.


Gold prices remained stable at $2,330 per ounce, supported by weaker-than-expected US retail sales data and signals of potential Federal Reserve rate cuts. Investors are keeping a close eye on additional economic indicators such as weekly unemployment claims and purchasing managers' indices to gauge the broader economic momentum.

Economic Highlights

  • US Retail Sales: Retail sales increased by a modest 0.1% in May, reflecting a softening in consumer sentiment. This weaker-than-expected growth has contributed to gold's stable price.
  • Federal Reserve Outlook: New York Fed President John Williams has forecasted a gradual reduction in interest rates, providing further support to gold prices as lower rates typically enhance the appeal of non-yielding assets like gold.
  • Upcoming Data: Investors are monitoring weekly unemployment claims and flash purchasing managers' indices for additional insights into spending trends and overall economic health.

Central Bank Activity

  • Gold Reserves: A recent poll by the World Gold Council indicates that more central banks are planning to increase their gold reserves. This trend is driven by ongoing economic and political instability, reinforcing the metal's status as a safe-haven asset.

Technical Analysis

  • Current Trend: The Gold Dollar shows promising upward momentum on the hourly timeframe, currently trading above the 50-period moving average. This suggests strong bullish sentiment and a continuation of the upward trend.
  • Trading Strategy: Traders might consider entering long positions at this juncture, anticipating further gains. However, it is advisable to monitor key resistance levels and stay alert for any potential reversals to optimize trading decisions.
  • Action: Currently trading at pivot which  is at 2335, suggested to buy on dips till 2322 which is untested support for upside immediate multi resistance at 2340 with stoploss below 2315.


Gold's stability at $2,330 per ounce underscores its resilience amid mixed economic signals and anticipated monetary policy adjustments. As investors continue to digest retail sales data and await further economic indicators, the metal's bullish technical outlook provides a favorable backdrop for potential gains. Staying informed about upcoming unemployment claims and purchasing managers' indices will be crucial in assessing the sustainability of this upward trend.

Support and Resistance Levels: