Natco Pharma
  • 12 June, 2024 Ruchit Thakur

Natco Pharma

Natco Pharma appears to be a strong long-term investment, as the stock has broken through its lifetime highs and is now rising.

Please examine Natco Pharma's daily chart. As shown in the chart, Natco Pharma represents a fantastic purchasing opportunity in the 1100-1120 zone, and it has performed brilliantly thus far, with significant upside potential.

Please refer to the Natco Pharma daily chart. Following its breakout from the 1100-1120 range, the stock is now trading above horizontal resistance and continues to rise. Natco Pharma is now experiencing significant demand in the 1100-1120 range, as illustrated in the graph. The predicted rise is 1350-1400, as illustrated in the chart below. 


  • Natco Pharma is an excellent long-term investment potential because it has shown a reasonable breakout between 1100 and 1120 and is currently on the rise.
  • Natco Pharma appears to be in a good position on the chart, with room for further increases to 1350 and 1400 levels.
  • As of now, 1100-1120 is the best opportunity to acquire this company because the risk-reward ratio is ideal for a cash transaction.


Please refer to the Natco Pharma daily chart for reference. The daily chart shows horizontal resistance and breakout, as well as demand in the 1100-1120 region, and the stock is increasing after accounting for abundant demand in the previous 1100 range.

Please take note of the horizontal resistance and its breach, which resulted in the stock establishing a new high today, indicating a good opportunity to go long at the current market price. So far, the stock has tracked the chart's upward trend, reaching 1350 and 1400, respectively.

Investors may look for a long-term buying opportunity in the 1100-1120 zone and take advantage of any dips because the stock is in strong demand, perhaps leading to a gain to 1350 and 1400 levels, indicating a positive risk-reward ratio.

Investors could buy the stock with cash for a long time and set a stop loss at 1040 to accomplish price targets of 1350 to 1400.

Natco Pharma's daily chart shows both support and resistance. The spot chart illustrates each level.


Natco Pharma



Level 1



Level 2 




Company Profile: Natco Pharma is an Indian multinational pharmaceutical firm headquartered in Hyderabad. The company produces final dosage formulations, active medicinal components, and agricultural health science products. It also offers contract manufacturing services. It is a leading manufacturer of branded oncology medications and hepatitis C therapies. The company focuses on developing complex medicines at a reasonable price. In 2019, Natco created its crop health sciences section.

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