Gold Analysis
  • 11 June, 2024 Rajesh Tatineni

Gold Analysis

Afternoon: Gold dips as investors await key U.S. economic data and Fed announcements, will it retrace or fall back?


  • Gold dips as investors await key U.S. economic data and Fed announcements.
  • Mixed inflation outlook: New York Fed survey reflects uncertain inflation expectations among the U.S. public.
  • China poised to increase gold purchases once prices ease from recent highs.



Gold prices edged lower as market participants awaited crucial U.S. inflation data and the Federal Reserve's policy announcement later this week. The decline followed a stronger-than-expected U.S. payrolls report released on Friday, which has influenced expectations regarding future Fed actions.

Inflation Outlook and Fed Projections

A survey conducted by the New York Federal Reserve revealed mixed sentiments among the U.S. public regarding the future trajectory of inflation in May. This comes as Fed officials are expected to release updated economic projections, likely indicating fewer interest rate cuts than initially anticipated three months ago.

The Federal Reserve's upcoming policy decision and projections are highly anticipated as they will provide further clarity on the central bank's stance on interest rates amidst evolving economic conditions.

China's Gold Purchasing Strategy

China, the world's largest official sector buyer of gold, is anticipated to resume significant purchases of bullion once prices stabilize from the record highs reached in May. Despite recent fluctuations, the fundamental demand for gold in China remains strong, suggesting a potential increase in buying activity as prices become more favorable.

Trading Strategy

Given the current market conditions, the recommended trading action is to buy on dips around $2,300, targeting $2,325. Implement a stop-loss order below $2,280 to mitigate potential losses.


As the market awaits key economic data and the Federal Reserve's policy announcement, gold prices remain sensitive to shifts in investor sentiment and economic indicators. The mixed outlook on U.S. inflation and the potential for fewer rate cuts add layers of complexity to the market's expectations.

Support and Resistance Levels: