National Fertilizers Limited (NFL)
  • 11 June, 2024 Ruchit Thakur

National Fertilizers Limited (NFL)

National Fertilizers Limited (NFL) appears to be a good long-term investment, as the stock has broken off and is now climbing.

Please view the daily chart for National Fertilizers Limited. As indicated in the chart, NFL represents an excellent purchasing opportunity in the 108-110 range, and it has performed admirably thus far, with huge upside potential.

Please study the National Fertilizers Limited daily chart. Following its breakout from the 108-110 region, the stock is trading above horizontal resistance and continues to advance. The NFL is now seeing significant demand in the 108-110 area, as shown in the graph. The expected climb is 130-132, as shown in the chart below. 

  • National Fertilizers Limited is a great long-term investment opportunity because it has shown a reasonable breakout around 108 to 110 and is currently on the increase.
  • NFL appears to be in a strong position on the chart, with potential for more gains to 130 and 132 levels.
  • As of now, 110-112 offers the finest opportunity to acquire this company because the risk-to-reward ratio was optimal for a cash transaction.

Please see the National Fertilizers Limited daily chart for reference. The daily chart reveals horizontal resistance and breakout, as well as demand in the 108-110 zone, and the stock is rising after accounting for abundant demand in the aforementioned 110 range.

Please take note of the horizontal resistance and its breach, which resulted in the stock reaching a new high today, signaling a solid chance to go long at the current market price. So far, the stock has followed the chart's upward trend, reaching 130 and 132, respectively.

Investors may seek for a long-term buying opportunity in the 108-110 range because the stock is in high demand, which might lead to an increase to 130 or 132 levels, showing a positive risk-reward ratio.

Investors could buy the stock with cash for a long time and set a stop loss at 102 to achieve price goals ranging from 130 to 132.

National Fertilizers Limited's daily chart displays both support and resistance. The spot chart depicts each level.




Level 1



Level 2 




Company Profile: National Fertilizers Limited (NFL) is India's largest government-owned urea fertilizer company. It is a Navratna business, with the government of India holding the majority share.

NFL was founded in 1974 and is administered by the Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers. It is India's second largest producer of urea, a crucial fertilizer. NFL operates five gas-based ammonia-urea plants: Nangal and Bathinda in Punjab, Panipat in Haryana, and two in Vijaipur (Madhya Pradesh).


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