Sun Tv
  • 06 June, 2024 Ruchit Thakur

Sun Tv

Sun Tv appears to be a strong long-term investment, since the stock has broken away from its all-time high and is growing.

As indicated in the chart, Sun Tv is an excellent purchase opportunity in the 730-740 zone, and it has performed admirably thus far, with a significant upside potential.

Please refer to the Sun TV daily chart. The stock is trading above horizontal resistance and continues to rise after breaking out of the 730-740 region. Sun TV is now experiencing considerable demand in the 740 range, as shown in the chart. The projected rise is 840-850. 

  • Sun Tv is a great long-term investment potential because it had a reasonable breakout around 730 to 740 and is currently on an upswing.
  • Sun TV appears to be in a good position on the chart, with potential for more increases to the 840 and 850 levels.
  • As of now, 740 is the best time to acquire this company because the risk-to-reward ratio is ideal for a cash transaction.

Please visit the Sun TV Chart for reference. The daily chart reveals horizontal resistance and breakout, as well as demand in the 740 region, and the stock is rising after accounting for plentiful demand in the previously mentioned 735-740 range.

Please notice the horizontal resistance and its breach, which resulted in the stock reaching a new all-time high today, providing a good chance to go long at the current market price. So far, the stock has followed the chart's upward trend, reaching 840 and 850, respectively.

Investors may seek for a long-term purchase opportunity in the 730-740 range because the stock is in high demand, resulting in a return to the 840 and 850 levels with a favorable risk-reward ratio.

Investors could buy the stock in cash for a long time and place a stop loss at 680 to achieve price targets of 840 and 850, respectively.

Sun Tv's daily chart displays support and resistance. The spot chart depicts each level.

Sun Tv



Level 1



Level 2 



Company Profile: Sun TV Network owns and operates Sun TV, an Indian Tamil-language general entertainment pay television channel. It was launched on April 14, 1993. It is the flagship channel of Chennai-based media conglomerate Sun Group's Sun TV Network. It was founded and is owned by Kalanithi Maran.

Since its establishment, the channel has regularly been the highest-rated Tamil channel and one of the top-rated Indian television channels.