FX Careers is an established training academy since 2012 training individuals on the Forex industry. A GRS Group Company, FX Careers offers courses to individuals at the FX Careers Training Academy in Limassol, Cyprus and offers in-house courses to companies seeking to train or up-skill their employees in the area of Forex, Binary Options, Sales and Motivational Training.  

The course is designed to provide students with a personal and professional foundation for a career that utilizes knowledge of FX.

All of our lecturers are industry professionals with established careers in the sector. They provide students with valuable insights to the industry as well as offering first-hand knowledge and experience.

The demand for candidates in the FX sector is high. However, so are the minimum skill requirements. Brokers want skilled, previously trained professionals to come on board and start right away. They prefer applicants who have knowledge of the industry, knowledge of the trading process and the necessary skills in sales, customer services and compliance.

FX Careers established since 2012 is a member of the GRS Group of companies.

Co- Founders: Donna Stephenson and Steve Slocombe

for further information contact +357 25558028 or email info@fxcareers.com

The FX Training Certification will cover:

  • Forex 
  • Binary Options 
  • Forex Trading (MT4)
  • Binary Options Trading
  • Sales Skills
  • Marketing 
  • Compliance 
  • FX World News and its Leaders
  • Technical & Fundamental tools

At FX Careers we will train you on the industry; we will train you on how to trade. We will introduce you to technical and fundamental analysis. We will teach you Meta Trader 4/5 (MT4/5).  We will teach you the regulatory and compliance basics. We will coach you on motivational factors relevant to any position. We will teach you sales ethics, sales skills, marketing basics and payment processing basics. We will even teach you how to interview well.

For service sector professionals seeking to gain a further insight into the industry, we will teach you all of the above, as well as specific modules suitable for accountants, auditors and legal professionals that want to gain an appreciation of a Forex firm and how it operates.

Career Advisory and Job Placement Service

FX Careers operates a careers service for the students who have completed the course through our partnership with GRS Global Recruitment Solutions a sister company of FX Careers.

The recruiters at GRS have recruited to the FX sector in Cyprus for more than 10 years and as a result have the best recruiter - client relationships within the industry. The skilled recruiters facilitate the hiring process by arranging interviews for FX careers students. 

Additionally, our careers service provides the student with interview coaching sessions and assistance to enhance their CV writing skills. The economic climate is tough, yet FX Careers students leave the course armed with the confidence, competence and knowledge to give themselves a competitive advantage!

FX Careers in-house and outsourced bespoke classroom based training courses

At FX Careers our in-house and outsourced bespoke training courses are designed with the goal of providing the student or employee with the essential knowledge at a foundation level to facilitate the hiring process of new employees to forex and binary firms and with our outsourced training programs our resident trainer can deliver the full course or bespoke course at your company office or at the FX Careers Training Academy to induct or train new employees or increase the knowledge and motivation levels of existing employees.

The FX Careers’ training course is an induction to the Forex Industry with an in-depth accelerated course covering 50 hours of training on the below topics: 

  • Trained on Forex Basics      
  • Trained on MT4 (5)
  • Trained on binary options
  • Trained on trading basics from a traders perspective (hands on using MT4 platform and Option platform)
  • Trained on needs based selling skills
  • Trained on sales ethics
  • Trained on retention and CRM skills
  • Trained on social trading
  • Trained on mobile trading
  • Trained on risk management and feed control basics
  • Trained on marketing basics
  • Trained on compliance basics
  • FX World News and its Leaders
  • Technical & Fundamental tools

"I found GRS on Google and instantly knew they were professional after sampling their website. After speaking to them over the phone, I visited their offices and was blown away by just how friendly the team were. Having wanted to join the Forex Industry, GRS pointed me towards their sister company, FX Careers. I quickly enrolled onto the 4 week course and during the second week, my recruitment manager at GRS, Hayley, started to introduce me to the best Forex companies on the island (Cyprus). 


"Hayley wasn't just professional in her approach, she was completely understanding too, and found me the perfect job for my skillset (experienced Marketer - Online Marketing Specialist). I simply couldn't have asked for more from her or the GRS team. I strongly suggest anyone that's looking for a recruitment agency in Cyprus to give GRS a call. I can't stress enough how great the FX Careers course was too. If you want to join the highly prestigious FX industry, you simply have to get yourself on the course. The series of tutors, headed by Andrew Savvides, made the course fly by as not only was the course entertaining, but I truly learnt so much about the Forex Industry, which helped me land my new job!"

Jaymes FX Careers student, Limassol, Cyprus, February 2015

  • Before I decided to join the FX Career course I had a fair degree of knowledge through my trading experience and general reading up on the subject. I decided I wanted to take this course to improve my knowledge while at the same time acquiring a recognised certification within the forex industry. My expectations from this course were to gain a deeper ‘inside’ knowledge of the working of a forex company and generally broaden my knowledge of the FX industry. 

    To be honest this course has been more varied then I expected, with the sales training and useful and necessary component of the course.

    My short term goal within the FX Industry is to earn a decent hiring in an FX Firm and my long term goal is to help this company grow beyond viability, with my skills and determination I know this is possible.

    Akis, FX Careers Course student (March 2014)

  • Before I joined the FX Careers course I had an understanding of the FX Market, including commodities, indices, stocks and FX but I wanted to broaden my knowledge. My expectations when I decided to take this course were to really enhance my knowledge in this industry, and find out more of the running within a firm. When in fact my expectations were blown massively out the water, actually it was far more than what I expected to get out of this course. ‘Industry knowledge, product knowledge, everyday duties of the back-office department, compliance, sales and marketing as well as technical analyses. What also blow me away was the constant positive energy and belief that was going around the class, I believe this is how we should all be thinking in order to work and achieve our maximum goals.

    I believe I am more ready than ever before to succeed in life.

    Olga, FX Careers Student (March 2014).

  • Having heard a few people talking about the fx industry and then noticing many offices opening up here in Cyprus I became intrigued. My previous work experience has always centered on civil engineering, but having said that when I found out about the FX Industry I tried researching by myself but found it difficult to understand. At the same time the sector greatly interested me and especially with all the hype, then I found out about the FX Careers course and the chance to study.

    My expectations were met and exceeded; this course gave me my confidence back and I learned a lot about the Forex and Binary industry. I am so happy that I did this course and feel very confident I will succeed in this industry.

    Despina, FX Careers Student (March 2014).

  • Just a note to say thank you for a great course last month. I would like to to say that it was a real eye opening experience for me. I know that we all joined the course to find a job in Forex, but regardless of the outcome, I am really glad that I joined it. I really felt that it opened my eyes for many new things. 

    Emilia, FX Careers Course student (April 2014)

  • Before speaking to FX Careers I had no knowledge about the industry but was very curious. When I sat down with the course manager he gave me a real insight into the industry before even signing up for the course. This gave me food for thought and how to open my horizon to new possibilities and a new career.

    The course Manager Andrew Savvides was very enthusiastic about the industry. My first day on the course was amazing, everything put on simple terms to understand for new beginners and then got more advanced later in the course, which at the beginning I would never have thought about technical and fundamental analysis but now I understand how it works. We covered all aspects of the FX Firms such as Back Office Procedures, compliance, sales, marketing etc. It was beyond expectations as it also included Motivation every day and really got the feel good factor instilled in each and every one of us, the sales training was very inspirational and educational, even though I have been in sales and customer services previously it gave me a new perspective. I believe I can really excel in Sales or Customer support roles within a forex firm. 

    My end goal is to really build my career with confidence and succeed in the company I join.

    Myria, FX Careers Course Student (March 2014)

  • Thank you very much Mr Andrew for your help and for believing in me from the very beginning!!

    Angela, FX Careers Course Student (March 2014)

  • Anna: “Thanks to the FX Careers course I had the opportunity to deepen my experience in the FX industry which will help me to find a job in fx faster than without any knowledge in fx.”

  • Marios:“ I really enjoyed the course. I learned a lot and I would definitely recommend it.”

  • Sotia: “ I could say that after attending the FX Careers course it  gave me a broad description of forex, binary and generally how those industries work. It’s an initial step I tend to believe for people that want to join the industry.”

  • Elias: “ Good experience, full of knowledge, easy to follow and understand.”

  • Christina: “ very useful course! I recommend it without a second thought.”

  • Stalo: “ I had an amazing experience during that one month. I have gained  knowledge that I can use in my future career and also as a person.”

  • Theodoros: “fx careers is a very good start up for those that want to get to know what does fx stands for and for those who want to make money, they have to take the chance to do so!!

  • Constantin: “ it is the perfect way to enter the new world of forex trading. It gives you a starting point that is well above all the others beginning in this industry.”

  • Marios” Fx careers gave me the opportunity to see the forex industry with a whole new frame of mind. At all times the lecturers were professionals and very helpful. “

  • Platonas: “ Gave the opportunity to actually know how and where to use the knowledge I obtained and through their careers service I gained knowledge about the companies I can work for. Things that previous institutions I attended failed to do. Plus my confidence was boosted.”

  • Freddy “I knew some things about the forex sector since I am a graduate in finance but the things I’ve learned here are relevant to the market and are very helpful for the real life trade.”

  • Clare : “I didn’t know anything prior to joining the course at all except for what the initials FX stood for. I learned so much and enjoyed the learning experience. I took the course to boost my confidence which it did and it led me to finding a job within this industry.”

  • Stanislav “I knew nothing about the industry before I took this course. Now I have a solid knowledge of the basics. Fantastic teachers.”

  • Vruyr “Knew a lot about FX and BO. Needed to meet people who do it.”

  • Fatma: “I didn’t  know anything about the industry. I heard from a friend that companies are interested in hiring people with the Arabic language and that they pay very good commissions.  Anyone of any age should do it, it is a huge experience and you learn a lot from. My goal is to work in sales in the industry.”

  • Afroditi: “Before taking the course, I only knew a little about the FX sector. I decided to take the course, in order to learn about this industry and see if I can pursue a career in fx. All of my expectations have been met, I enjoyed every minute of it. I am ensured now that I really want to work in the forex industry and join this constantly changing trading world. I would definitely recommend this course.”

  • Lorna: “Forex is a popular industry employing in Cyprus, which is why I took the course to improve my career prospects. From knowing nothing I now feel I have a good overall knowledge and am more confident in applying for jobs within the forex industry.”

  • Irina: “Before the course  I had a little knowledge about FX. I decided to take the course because I wanted to get more knowledge about this sector. I have met expectations of the course and I really recommend it to everyone who wants to join this industry. Now I’m prepared to find a  job in FX. Thank you for this!”

  • Sotiroula: “When I sent my CV to FX Careers. I had a lot of free time. So when I read about the course and the demand for the French language, I thought that it was a good opportunity to learn something new and gain employment using my French language in this industry.”

  • Aziza “To be honest, I expected to get new information. However, I got  not only knowledge, but self-confidence and a lot of positivity from lecturers. Before taking the course I was interested about FX, was reading, watching videos on how this market works.”

  • Despina “My knowledge about the FX sector was very poor before joining the course. I decided to take it not just to find a job but to learn and find out what is this huge and fast growing industry. The lecturers are amazing the best in their sector. I feel that I’ve learned so much in such a short period of time. Thank you FX Careers for giving me this opportunity. Keep up the good job and I would definitely recommend it to whoever may be interested.”